Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these FAQs help, if you are still having difficulty with installation or any of the features in your account please request help below.
Tracker Devices

Account & Billing

How to reset my password? 

You can reset your password by going to our desktop platform:

Please select the forgotten password option, when requested to type your email and username please put your email address in both fields.

You will be sent a temporary password and a link to log in to the platform again.

If you have any trouble do let me know and we can help reset your password by contacting

How do I change my current password or the password provided by Navmii?

To change your current password or the password provided after clicking forgot password you simply need to do the following:

• Login into,
• Once you’ve logged in select your username in the top right corner, Tap 'User settings'
• Next select 'Security'
• Under your email address is change password, select this to input your old and new password.

How do I update my payment card details?

Changing your payment method, updating your credit card information, and troubleshooting card issues please follow this link and input the requested information: Update Billing Information  

If you have any issues please contact

How do I change my trackers Name & Icon?

To do this login to Next select 'units' and then select the spanner next to your tracker in the left unit menu.

When in the tracker settings You can edit the name, to change your tracker image select 'icon' and then select icon library.

How to view subscription details, and how long is my data stored?

All of your details can be found in your payment receipt from the email you received when you first signed up. Within your email there will be links to your full account dashboard.

All accounts come with 12 months of storage, if you wish to extend this please contact our sales team at for further details.

How do I add another tracker to my current subscription?

If you wish to add another tracker to your current account/subscription please contact our sales team at, one of our team will be sure to contact you.

Will Navmii Tracker work with my car?

All vehicles with a petrol engine from 2001, and diesel engines from 2004, are fitted with a standard OBD interface. The cars we have found to be incompatible are Jaguar models from 2014 Land Rover from 2012, VW Golf and Seat Leon engine variation 1.6l / 81kW. For these models we offer a different tracker.

Please contact our customer support for the specialist tracker and pricing.


I have ordered my Navmii Tracker - how do I create my account?

Once you’ve placed your order, your Navmii account will be set up by our team. In a short time you will receive an email with your username and a default password. Please follow the link provided in the email to the Navmii tracker site and input the given details. You will then be required to change the password to one you prefer.

My account is active and I have received my Navmii Tracker, what do I do now?

In the instruction manual provided, you will be shown how to install your Navmii Tracker into your vehicle. Once installed, go to with your web browser and log in using the username and password provided.

Be sure to download the Navmii tracker app from both the App Store and play store.

My current location isn't shown when installing the tracker?

When you plug the tracker into your car for the first time please be sure you are in an open area, The GPS will need a few minutes to correctly position your location. An open area will allow a clear view so being in a covered area such as a multi-story parking area will reduce the visibility of the GPS.

If this issue still persists please contact our support team at

Random location showing on my account and route history?

You may see a random location appear in your history after first installing your Navmii tracker, do not worry, this is simply the GPS configuring and locating your position, the location could be completely random but in most cases it will show the Prime Meridian just off the coast of Africa.

Why are none of my Trackers being shown in the app?

You may see an empty monitoring list, if so don’t worry, select the eye in the top right corner and tick all the units you wish to see, if you still don’t see any available units select the ‘’Units from web version’’ and then tick the unit if it is present.

Tracker route jumping off the road?

You may notice that the tracker may jump off the road from time to time, do not worry this is simply down to there being a weak GPS signal at that time, the route will amend its self once a signal is acquired.

If this issue is more apparent than the odd occasion please contact, our team will be sure to help solve the issue.

Desktop FAQs

How to set up geofences?

Geofences can easily be set up from your PC/Mac web browser, they are brilliant for monitoring various activity within and without the geofences.

Check out our helpful video which covers all of the bellow:

Open  and enter your username and password, when in the browser select 'geofences' in the top banner:

• Select 'new' in the left geofences menu
• The following side menu will appear

Geofence settings from the geofence creation menu.

• In here are the various settings to create a geofence.
• Various types of geofences can be created the 3 different options are, Polygon, Line and Circle each one having various uses.

: The polygon option is used when you want to pinpoint an exact area you wish the geofence to appear. You simply double click on an area to create a point, repeat this until you have created the desired geo-fence. If you wish to remove a point simply double click it again.

Line: The line option is used to basically create geofences down roads. You simply repeat the same process as you would with polygon fences. This is great if you want to monitor vehicles on certain roads.

Circle: The circle option simply creates a circle geofence that you can move and place on the map. You can increase the size of the circle by changing the radius, you can also input exact coordinates if desired.

How do I use the geofences to receive notifications from the Navmii tracker?

You can set up notifications to monitor activity inside and outside of the geofences for your vehicles. You can set these from the website 

Check out our helpful video on notifications which covers all of the bellow:

When on the main screen select 'notifications' located in the top header. A side panel to the left will appear, select 'new' at the top of this menu:

• A pop up window will appear allowing you to select the Unit/s, once selected hit next
• You will be presented with various notifications options, select Geofence
• You can select unit position inside or outside depending on what activity you wish to see, you can select multiple geofences.
•To use the geofences you need to double click to move to the right column as shown in the bellow screenshot.

• Next you will be able to select how you would like to receive the notification/s, for this example use email. Tick the empty text box and input your email address. Select Next.
• You will then be presented with the notification description text box, this allows you to edit the message that appears when the notification is triggered, you can edit or select any of the preset options which will show you different values by select the black text under ''tag'', select next once edited.

• Next you’ll be able to give the notification a name, a description and edit the notification properties (We recommend keeping these set as default, for advanced options please contact support at

Select ok once finished.

Your notification will be set up!

How do I add my vehicles mileage? 

To add your milage simply login to the Navmii tracker website, under the units tab select the spanner icon next to your unit. From here you will see the mileage GPS option at the bottom. Simply input your current milage and then select track by GPS.

How to turn off notifications?  

When logged into the Navmii tracker site first select notifications in the top bar. The notification window to left will appear, To disable any of the notifications simply select the green tick located under the red power button. This will change to a minus to show that the notification is inactive.

How to view a previous track?

When on the Navmii tracker site select 'Tracks' in the top header. The tracks window to the left will appear, various options will be present allowing you to see your tracks in a variety of ways:

Unit: This lets you pick which vehicle you wish to view the tracks for.

Colour: The 3 options within here allow you to show different colours for trips, speed, and single:

• 'By trips' options will show various different colours for each individual track if there are multiple tracks present.
• 'By speed' will show the tracks in regards to the speed traveled at the time (Blue being slow and up to red for faster speeds)
• 'By single' will show all the tracks present as a single colour.

Bellow this are various icons, when selected will show events on the tracks such as speedings and parking (must be selected before viewing a track)

Next select a time frame, you can either select the preset set times today, yesterday, week, month or if you would prefer to see a certain time you can change the start and end dates by selecting the drop down menu’s and selecting said date.

If you would like to see an even more precise result you can select the Interval drop down bar and select for previous. This will then allow you to see a track from minutes all the way up to years!

Once you're happy with the settings you can finally hit show track.

The track will appear on the map and you’ll be able to extend the tracks history by selecting plus under the track menu to the left. This will then bring up all the tracks you have done in selected time interval

Be sure to hit the red 'x' when you're finished to remove the track from map, don't worry it won't delete the data, it simply stops the track constantly being shown on the map screen.

For further help check out this video which covers all of the above:

How to check my eco-driving?

There are 2 ways of seeing the driving behaviour.

1) You can use our report option in the top header, then selecting the eco-driving report under report template.

2) The most visual way to do this is by using our built in eco-driving app. When on the site select the in-app button, it can be found in the top header represented by a group of squares to the far right.

When selected open the eco driving application, you can either open it as its own tab or open it as a window within the tracker site by selecting the pop-up option

Within the eco-driving application you can select the unit/s you wish to view driving stats on by clicking them twice. You then get an overview of violations, penalties and the time they happened. Select a time frame, then a block of data to bring up the mini map showing exactly where the violations happened.

Eco driving is a great to get a visual report on how you or others have been driving!

Check out our helpful video for more details:

Mobile FAQs

How to turn off notifications? 

When in the application select 'notifications' in the bottom panel. From here select the cog located in the top right corner. You will be taken to the notifications centre where you can slide the button on any of the notifications to disable them.

How do I change the name of my tracker? 

When in the application select monitoring, next select the 3 dots to the far right of the trackers name. Finally select edit, you'll now be able to change your trackers name.

How to view a previous journey?

Launch the app and select 'monitoring'. Next select one of your trackers, you’ll be shown your tracker details with the options ‘info’ and ‘history’', selecting history will allow you to slide though and select any date you wish to see.

You will then be shown the track history from that date, If the map isn’t present simply tap the orange bar with the track time, distance and parking located. You can select the individual tracks from the list bellow which will show the single track on the map if multiple tracks have been made.

You can also view parking areas and speedings by tapping them in history list

See our helpful video which shows this in more detail:

How do I check the eco driving?

To view your eco driving you can use the report specially set up for this within the application:

• Open the application and select 'report'
• Tap template and select eco driving
• Select the unit you wish to view the eco driving on
• Choose an interval
• Select either portrait or landscape
• Hit execute

You will be shown a PDF like file with all your violations present with a map showing you the route you drove.

Please see our helpful video on how to do this:

How to set up geofences and receive notifications?

Geofences can easily be set from the application, they are brilliant for monitoring various activity within and without the geofences:

• Slide the bottom menu left to reveal the geofences tab, select this
• Select the Plus (+) in the top right corner of the device
• Give the geofence a name
• Move to the desired location
• Next Grab the bottom draw and pull it up to reveal the notification option and select it.
• Give the notification a name, select the Unit you wish to set it to and then select if you wish it to trigger when your inside or outside the geofence
• Once set hit the back button in the top left corner
• Finally once you are happy with the details select the tick located in the top right corner.

It's as easy as that!

If you are still having difficulty please take a look at our helpful video:

How do create notifications from the Navmii tracker?

The easiest way to create a notification is when creating the geofence as described above. Alternatively please see below:

You can set up notifications to monitor activity inside and outside of the geofences for your vehicles:

• Open the geofences page and hold down on one of your geofences, this will bring it further options. Selecting the ‘Create notification’ allows you to make a notifications for the selected geo fence.
• Give the notification a name
• Select unit and chose your vehicle/s you wish this notification to work for
• Select either inside or outside as a trigger
•Once your happy select the tick in the top right corner

Monitoring, How to?

The monitoring option is utilised to see the current state of your unit/s, within the application it is split into 2 different options Monitoring and Status, the website has one monitoring tab:

When first opening the application this is the first screen you will see, from here you can see a list of your current unit/s. The units can be selected allowing you to view them in more detail. Tap a unit to show them on the map.


Sensors: Shows all the different sensors the device is set up to use i.e. the milage and the ignition of the vehicle
Hardware: The navmii tracker and Unique ID will be present
Counters: This will show the units counters that  have been set up, I.e. millage and Engine hours
Drivers: This will show which driver is assigned to the vehicle and show any information inputed (This has to be done on the navmii tracker site)
Satellites/Altitude: This shows how many satellites are Locked on the unit and what altitude the vehicle is at


This is used to track where your vehicle/s has. You can select the different dates to see the various different tracks. You can check such events such as Parking, distance traveled and when the car’s ignition was turned on

Further Settings (3 dots)
Within in this option you will find:

Send command: This is used for our team to trouble shoot the device if any issues are present
Share location: You can use this feature to send a vehicles location for a set period of time so anyone with the link can see the location of the vehicle
Navigation Apps: Depending on what navigation apps you have installed on your phone you can use 3rd party apps to preform various different tasks
Copy Co-ordinates: You can copy the units current Co-ordinates

See our video for further help: