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Below are useful links and videos to help you with the installation of your Navmii Tracker
Tracker Devices


Here you will find our step-by-step guide which will guide you through the process of installing your Navmii Tracker in minutes.

Installation Guide
Navmii trackers OBD vehicle tracker.

Installation Video

Once you have received your login credentials and your device you are ready to install your Navmii Tracker.

Please follow the step by step guide or watch the video.

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Frequently asked installation questions

We hope these FAQs help, if you are still having difficulty with installation or any of the features in your account please request help below.
I have ordered my Navmii Tracker - how do I create my account?

Once you’ve placed your order, your Navmii account will be set up by our team. In a short time you will receive an email with your username and a default password. Please Follow the link to the Navmii tracker site and input the provided details. You will then be required to change the password to one you prefer.

Where is my OBD port? How to install?

OBD interfaces are standardised across the EU. The port can usually be located around the driver side footwell. Alternatively it can be found:

• Passenger footwell underneath the dashboard
• Inside or underneath the glove compartment
• Central console area
• The area between the steering wheel and centre console
• The area between the steering wheel and driver doorIf you are still having trouble to locate the port

Please refer to your vehicle’s manufacture manual and it will identify where it is located. If you do not have this to hand please contact and one of the team will be able to help you locate the port.

Once you have found your OBD be sure to keep you engine off and the key out of the ignition. Next please follow the instructions included with your Navmii tracker.

My account is active and I have received my Navmii Tracker, what do I do now?

In the instruction manual provided, you will be shown how to install your Navmii Tracker into your vehicle. Once installed, go to with your web browser and log in using the username and password provided.

Be sure to download the Navmii tracker app from both the App Store and play store.

My current location isn't shown when installing the tracker?

When you plug the tracker into your car for the first time please be sure you are in an open area, The GPS will need a few minutes to correctly position your location. An open area will allow a clear view so being in a covered area such as a multi-story parking area will reduce the visibility of the GPS.

If this issue still persists please contact our support team at

Random location showing on my account and route history?

You may see a random location appear in your history after first installing your Navmii tracker, do not worry, this is simply the GPS configuring and locating your position, the location could be completely random but in most cases it will show the Prime Meridian just off the coast of Africa.

Why are none of my Trackers being shown in the app?

You may see an empty monitoring list, if so don’t worry, select the eye in the top right corner and tick all the units you wish to see, if you still don’t see any available units select the ‘’Units from web version’’ and then tick the unit if it is present.

Tracker route jumping off the road?

You may notice that the tracker may jump off the road from time to time, do not worry this is simply down to there being a weak GPS signal at that time, the route will amend its self once a signal is acquired.

If this issue is more apparent than the odd occasion please contact, our team will be sure to help solve the issue.

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Navmii Tracker Apps are available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

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