Vehicle tracking alerts with Geofencing

Create your own geofence zones and notifications

Geofencing is used to determine a vehicle’s location within a set area of your choosing. Rules such as entering, leaving and unauthorized out of hours use are set so you're alerted when the criteria is broken. Setting up a geofence is easily done with our simple drawing tool, 3 different geofence options are available with an unlimited number to create. 

Gif Showing how to quickly make a geofence

Define prohibited or mandatory areas

Once a geofence is created rules are set up within the notifications tab allowing you to set alerts for entering, leaving and time limitations for out of hours, For example: If a vehicle is taken out after daily working hours of a notification will be triggered and sent directly to your desktop or mobile

Working in tandem with our reports you can check all visits to geofences (all entries and exits to/from selected geofence(s) are given together with visit duration, distance travelled within the geofence, average and maximum speed, etc.)

A quick overview of how easy it is to set up a geofence with navmii tracker.

Real-time alerts

When a geofence rule is met or broken an alert will be sent to you via email or to your phone. This allows for quick investigation giving you further control over your fleet's activity. You have an unlimited amount of geofences and alerts to create. Alerts will be set up for you at the start of your subscription but a brief training session will give you the freedom to create them yourself

Phone display showing real time alerts

Easy installation

Follow the 4 simple steps below to have your Navmii Tracker up and running in less than 10 minutes.
1. Setup your account

Setup your account by following the steps provided within your "Welcome to Navmii Tracker" email.

2. Plug in the device

Plug in your device once you have located your OBD port.

3. Configuration

After your first drive the device will automatically configure and will be live in 30 minutes.

4. Anytime, anywhere!

You are all set! You can download Navmii Tracker on any Android or iOS device to monitor your vehicle 365 days a year.

Navmii Tracker Apps are available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

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