Logistics Software

A fully integrated logistics platform for job distribution and 1-1 chat with your drivers

Included with your Navmii Tracker subscription is a fully functional logistics software with delivery service and application! This service allows you to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery; transportation arrangements, delivery route optimisation and cost saving. Navmii Logistics software ccomprises a web-version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers.

Our web-version ensures effective operating procedures and management: order placement, planning and distribution with integrated Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring and coordination. The Logistics mobile app is designed for your work force and mobile employees.  

Creating and importing orders
Distributing orders among your fleet
Planning routes automatically
Monitoring the execution of jobs
Communicating with your drivers via calls, chat and notifications
Sending notifications to clients by email and SMS
Overview of the jobs distribution system incorporated with the vehicle tracking provided by navmiitracker.


With Navmii Tracker logistic software you can upload your current order forms from excel or create new ones directly from the logistics dashboard and assign jobs to your drivers, if you have multiple drivers then the system will automatically determine which jobs are assigned to them using their current location.

All orders can be saved permanently allowing you to quickly distribute the same jobs in the future.

Daily order overview creation for the job distribution system provided with navmiitracker.

Job Distribution

When jobs are assigned, your drivers will be sent a daily order notification to their mobile application allowing them to see the route, jobs and the time they should arrive for the deliver.

Once an order is completed your drivers will then be able to confirm the job, take a picture of the package and get a signature from the customer. If a job can’t be met, this will be notified on the system allowing you to take necessary action, from assigning the job to another driver or sorting out another date for delivery.

Daily job distribution overview. Showing jobs missed, late or completed on time are highlighted.

Logistics mobile

Each of your drivers is provided access to the logistics app using their mobile number and a passcode. The dashboard is used as a 1-1 communication application allowing your drivers to see the day's orders.

The system automatically assigns your drivers routes and provides data such as; Name of the company, the address, estimated mileage to the destination and the estimated duration on site. 

Your drivers then have the option to confirm, reject or even call the business depending on the circumstances. If rejected the job will be flagged in the desktop dashboard allowing you to distribute to an available driver. When a job is confirmed and finished our application offers your drivers to take a picture of the delivery, leave feedback and get a signature from the customer, this is perfect for keeping proof of the delivery for future reference. 

With the mobile application your drivers can message you directly giving you instant communication from the app, a notification will be sent to both the logistics dashboard and the Navmii tracker main site.

Automatic route generation
Confirmation or rejection of jobs
Estimated mileage and duration to the location
Order fulfilment information shown 
Chat directly from the map screen
Proof of delivery with photos and signature
Mobile view for delivery drivers indicating the next job they have through the logistics software.
The complete list of the orders completed by drivers through out the day, provided by the logistics software.

Easy installation

Follow the 4 simple steps below to have your Navmii Tracker up and running in less than 10 minutes.
1. Setup your account

Setup your account by following the steps provided within your "Welcome to Navmii Tracker" email.

2. Plug in the device

Plug in your device once you have located your OBD port.

3. Configuration

After your first drive the device will automatically configure and will be live in 30 minutes.

4. Anytime, anywhere!

You are all set! You can download Navmii Tracker on any Android or iOS device to monitor your vehicle 365 days a year.

Navmii Tracker Apps are available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

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