Vehicle Tracking Simplifed

Vehicle Tracking Simplified

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Device Rental

This is a great option for businesses or individuals looking to set up a comprehensive vehicle tracking and fleet management solution with no upfront costs and flexible subscription options.

30 day money back guarantee! 

£0 device cost
30 day rolling contract
100% operating expenses
Maintained and warrantied at no extra cost
Unlimited usage
Free support, shipping & training

Device Ownership

Perfect for individuals looking to have a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution set up in a matter of minutes. With flexible pay as you go options and unlimited use and access to web and mobile apps.

30 day money back guarantee! 

Tracker ownership & money back guarantee
12 Months warranty
Flexible pay as you go options
Add or remove devices at at any time
Unlimited usage
Free support & shipping

What our customers say about us...

1 Jun 2023

Very pleased with product works very well and easy to use customer service is very good they helped me set up a second one I brought also the cost is affordable as well .

2 May 2023

What a cracking piece of kit , dead easy to set up and easy to navigate on the app . Nice Design .

28 Mar 2023

Excellent peice of kit, hidden away and tracks my vehicle within seconds, it also corrects bad habits, highly recommended.

24 Mar 2023

great responsive company fantastic product


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my tracker?

Included in your ''Welcome To Navmii Tracker'' email is a link to our installation page with videos to help install the NT22 or FMT100.

If you still need help with the installation please contact and we'll help get your tracker up and running.

Is the tracker compatible with my car?

We have found the the NT22 isn't compatible with a range of Land Rovers, Range Rovers & Jaguars. Due to the sophisticated electronics in these vehicles the signal from the tracker is disrupted causing location data to not be sent correctly.

The FMT100 is compatible with any vehicle, this option is better suited for Land Rovers, Range rovers & Jaguars. Due to the tracker being connected to the battery it can be fitted on an array of vehicles.

If you still have any doubts on which tracker is best suited for you please contact

Why are none of my Trackers being shown in the app?

You may see an empty monitoring list, if so don’t worry, select the 3 lines in the top right corner and tick all the units you wish to see, if you still don’t see any available units select the ‘’Units from web version’’ and then tick the unit.

My current location isn't shown when installing the tracker?

When you connect the tracker to your car for the first time please be sure you are in an open area, The GPS will need a few minutes to correctly position your location.

An open area will allow a clear view, being in a covered area such as a multi-story parking area will reduce the visibility of the GPS. If this issue still persists please contact our support team at

Navmii Tracker Apps are available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

Need more help?

We have more FAQ's over on our support page, if you still need further help get in touch below.
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