Last updated: 5th Jan 2021

Software Licence & Service Level Agreement

As part of your monthly subscription to Navmii Tracker stated within your terms and conditions (which can be found at these terms set out here contain our commitment to your support and our on-going maintenance to the service. In addition the terms below outline the software license terms and acceptable use policy. (Hardware manuals for different languages can be found at: User Manuals)

You agree to the terms of this licence which will bind you. If you do not agree to the terms of this licence, we are unwilling to licence the licensed application to you and you must refrain from using the application.


The following key points of the below terms are highlighted here for your convenience only. These key points are not made in lieu of the full software license and service level agreement and their presence in this section does mean that they are intended to supersede or override any other terms and conditions provided by us.

KEY POINTS The following key points of the below terms are highlighted here for your convenience only. These key points are not made in lieu of the full software license and service level agreement and their presence in this section does mean that they are intended to supersede or override any other terms and conditions provided by us.

Service Level Agreement

1. Customer Training

Navmii Tracker will provide all new customers with application training to include the integration of their hardware, basic feature settings and answer any further questions the customers may have. Further training and support can be booked in with a member of the team, alternatively there are a number of useful videos and FAQs that solve the most common of questions at

b) Training may be provided in the form of support query emails, pre-recorded sessions and one to one live internet sessions are also available with a minimum fleet size.

c) Customers may contact unlimitedly at no extra cost.

2. Customer Support

There are a number of options to obtain support from Navmii Tracker:

i) Please refer and review our FAQs, we find these typically resolve the majority of questions;

ii) Should you not find the answer to your question in the list, please either complete the form on alternatively email us anytime at, one of customer support representatives will either write back or call you back within the hours of 08:00am and 06:00pm Monday through Friday G.M.T, expect national holidays.

b) Service Level Response:

i) Upon receiving a customer’s support request, we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours of receiving your support log, should we require longer to solve your query we will notify you of this delay via the provided contact method.

ii) There is no additional cost for this support, this is included in your monthly subscription service fee.

iii) Hardware is fully maintained and under warranty for the duration of your subscription service. However, limitations to the warranty include device tampering, removal, water damage, vehicle damage or any external physical damage that would render the tracking unit inoperable.

iv) For any of the above causes, Navmii Tracker will apply normal service charges for any work that falls outside of the warranty, these will be pre-authorised by the customer and will not exceed the full device value as stated in the terms and conditions of service.

3. Service Upgrades

Navmii Tracker is committed to customer support and constantly looks at ways to improve the service that we offer our customers. We would always love to hear from you regarding your experience and views on how we can improve our service, please reach out to your dedicated customer service representative.We provide periodic upgrades to our system throughout the year, to include general improvements, functionality and general upgrades to the system. All updates are provided free of charge to customers who are part of the Navmii Tracker subscription service. As part of these upgrades we will inform all customers for free of the updates as and when they are live on the system. We will also endeavour to include all customer requests as part of an upcoming update, simple requests may sometimes be implemented immediately with larger requests falling part of the bi-annual build updates.

Software License Agreement

1. License to Use:

a) Navmii grants a licensee an exclusive, non-transferable license to use Navmii Tracker cloud-based software (the “Software”) accessed by the licensee through a web-browser both on a computer and through mobile applications using a user name and password for the purpose of providing tracking, fleet-management and other M2M services to the end-users, whose territorial spread shall be limited to the territory of use.

2. Term of License:

a) The Licensor grants the license effective as of date of this Agreement for one (1) calendar month. If neither parties notifies the other party of its decision not to extend the usage period, then the usage period shall be automatically renewed for successive one (1) calendar month, and further extensions of the usage period shall occur in the same manner for each succeeding period.

3. Territory of Use:

a) The territory of the software use is the UK.

4. Sublicense:

a) The licensee may not sublicense the software without prior written permission from Navmii.

5. Warranties and liability of the Parties:

a) The Licensor hereby warrants that the software complies to its descriptions and functional purpose as specified in the software documentation. The licensor guarantees proper operational integrity of the software throughout its entire operating life pursuant to the terms and conditions.

b) The licensor herby warrants that it rightfully possesses and disposes of the property rights to the software.

c) The licensor guarantees to the licensee that the software and the software use rights are not subject to any pledge or dispute, are not under seizure, and to the best of licensor’s knowledge on the effective date, do not violate anyone’s copyright, non-property and/or property rights of any third parties; furthermore, the licensor herewith undertakes to resolve any and all issues including financial with authors.

d) The licensor is not responsible for the quality of technical support, operation and maintenance of communication facilities of the licensee and third parties (SIM, HW etc) for account access failures caused by the fault of the telecommunications service providers.

e) We make no warranties, save those which we are required to do so by applicable law.

f) Except as to the extent prohibited by law, you acknowledge and agree that use of the Licensed Application is at your sole responsibility and risk and that you assume the entire risk for using this Licensed Application including as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is with you.

g) You acknowledge that the Licensed Application has not been developed to meet your individual requirements, and that it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the facilities and functions of the Licensed Application meet your requirements.

h) You acknowledge that the Licensed Application may not be free of bugs or errors, and agree that the existence of minor errors shall not constitute a breach of this Licence.

We welcome and hope you do not hesitate to make any queries, comments or requests you may have regarding this Privacy Policy. Please contact us at For the full scope of the software license agreement please contact your sales representative.