Vehicle Tracking
for Businesses

After 14 years within the mobile navigation industry Navmii is here at full throttle with a new, easy to set up vehicle tracking system.  

Navmii Tracker provides a comprehensive set of tools allowing for individual vehicle tracking, van tracking or fleet management in a number of different ways. Everything is accessible either from your desktop or smartphone. Our system is made with you in mind, check on who your best drivers are, the mileage of trips, know where your vehicles are, loading times and so much more, completely customisable for your needs. 24/7 vehicle tracking, van tracking or fleet tracking, enhancing business efficiency and productivity.

Increase business productivity
Reports sent directly to your email
Promoting safer and more efficient driving
Creating geofence boundaries for complete vehicle monitoring
A choice of two different Navmii Trackers and software platforms 
Desktop and mobile app based
A van with the vehicle tracking mobile view with our navmiitracker device next to the phone.

Complete Fleet Visibility, 24/7! 

Navmii Tracker lets you view your vehicle's live location 24/7 from any device. Real time GPS tracking is achieved with our easy to install tracker and the power of google maps offering the number one address search engine, traffic feed and a familiar look; allowing you to quickly assess which vehicles are closest to the job helping to deal with mission critical business needs at the touch of a button. 

Navmii Tracker keeps track of all routes your vehicle's make. Showing start, finish, parking times, mileage, average and top speeds for all trips. When analysing a journey the route will be displayed on the screen allowing you to set various indications from stops, parking, turns and speedings. The track can be replayed and viewed through google street view showing you an in depth look at exactly where the vehicle has been.

These tracks can be used to analyse trends, driver behaviour and so much more. Each vehicle can be customised with individual icons, mileage, type of vehicle with specific MPG to work in tandem with our reports.

Driver behaviour is accessible with Eco Driving 
Locate your nearest vehicles to a location with postcode search 
Free mobile applications 
Record and manage all journeys made

Vehicle reports sent directly to your email

To save time automated reports are sent directly to your inbox with the information you require for specific time periods. Navmii Tracker provides reliable data that can help with identifying everything from incidents to simple track reports. With highly accurate GPS data you'll know where each vehicle has been, how long it was at a location and even the main areas a vehicle normally stops at. These reports will help you to identify areas to make cost savings for example; more efficient dispatch routes and realise the areas typically prone to congestion.

During your onboarding we work with you to identify the information your business requires with the automated reporting, below are some of the reports we can create for your business: 

See your fleet's total driving hours, mileage, parking times over a 12 month  period 
Speed violations and expected fuel consumption
Tools for encouraging safer driving
Vehicle maintenance
All trips from start to finish, including specific journeys
Eco Driving showing all violations
Heat Maps identifying traffic congestion
Group or individual vehicle reports
Report of all the speeding incidents occurred from the vehicle tracker provided by navmiitracker.

Helping promote safer and fuel-efficient driving

Navmii Tracker is perfect for helping your drivers improve their driving habits with our in-depth Eco Driving feature. Our in-depth system analyses everything from harsh cornering, acceleration and excessive speeding. With this, we can help promote a safer and more economical driving behaviour.

Navmii cker monitors whether your drivers are adhering to speed limits you can check on a single driver or check your whole fleet. Along with showing harsh corning and accelerationhis information can be shared with your drivers to discuss their road safety and compliance with road regulations. 

Each trip taken by your drivers is shown as a data block, containing their specific speeding, cornering, braking and harsh acceleration events. These events are recorded on the map. Each trip is given a rating, this is then shown on your dashboard helping to spur safer more efficient driving.

See Speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering incidents 
Inclusive dashboard
Analyse driver data and track progression 
Elevate more economical and safer driving styles
Help reduce fuel costs and vehicle repairs

Fleet management productivity boosted with vehicle tracking

Navmii Tracker provides a compressive set of tools to help you day to day, nearest vehicles can be found to a location, maintenance notifications integrated allowing you to set certain service updates by mileage, geofencing and so much more. 

Our logistics application is included in your subscription and gives you a fully integrated dispatch system allowing you to input your current orders and then automatically assign the jobs to your drivers ready for the next day. This offers a 1-1 chat based system allowing you and your drivers to communicate directly within Navmii Tracker. 

Fleet performance and utilisation
Keep an eye on when orders are not or visited
Track maintenance, MOTs and engine hours
Reports for any given time frame

Geofencing for more secure vehicle tracking

Navmii Trackers integrated geofencing allows you to get expected or unexpected vehicle activity alerts sent directly to your phone or desktop. Geofences are used to help you understand and see when vehicles arrive or leave a site, more importantly giving you added security for your fleet alerting you of potential vehicle thefts. Another great use of geofences is setting up alerts for when vehicles are approaching your depot allowing you to get any items ready for the next pick up.

A quick overview of how easy it is to set up a geofence with navmii tracker.

Top Tip:

Tapping an area on the map allows you to create a point giving you complete freedom to create an array of different geofence styles.

Clarify zones for vehicles inside or outside  
Create rules and times set for each geofence
Set alerts for when certain rules are triggered
Unlimited amount of geofences

Easy installation

Follow the 4 simple steps below to have your Navmii Tracker up and running in less than 10 minutes.
1. Setup your account

Setup your account by following the steps provided within your "Welcome to Navmii Tracker" email.

2. Plug in the device

Plug in your device once you have located your OBD port.

3. Configuration

After your first drive the device will automatically configure and will be live in 30 minutes.

4. Anytime, anywhere!

You are all set! You can download Navmii Tracker on any Android or iOS device to monitor your vehicle 365 days a year.

Navmii Tracker Apps are available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

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