Vehicle Tracking anytime, anywhere

Navmii Tracker is completely accessible from any device at any given time

Vehicle tracking with Navmii Tracker allows you to see all vehicles within your business in real time using any device connected to the internet. Our system has one of the industries quickest refresh rates of just 15 seconds utilising your smartphone or tablet and our easy to install plug and play device. With Google powering our vehicle tracking maps, you have full view of vehicle location, excel reporting and daily driving statistics.

Accurate location of vehicles
15 Second location update frequency 
Familiar google maps, traffic and street view
Check daily driving activity

Daily Vehicle Reports 

Navmii Tracker gathers your data and generates simple and effective reports for you to use. Everything is accessible via the desktop or mobile device, our system includes a default set of vehicle reports, allowing for further analysis of your best drivers, make sense of mileage, who’s been where and more importantly the disbandment of paperwork headaches

Check when and where your vehicles stopped allowing you to pinpoint when jobs and deliveries were completed. Vehicle trip logs show all journeys made on any given date, with start, finish and parking times for each trip. 

Completely customisable - to suit any detail you want, from stops, max speed, average speed, distance travelled, current mileage and current engine hours.

Address links - Selecting any location in the trips report takes you directly to the location on the map. All routes are shown in various colours within the map allowing you to check individual routes made.

Route over view for vehicle tracking provided by navmii tracker.

Daily vehicle route checks

Along with route reports Navmii Tracker offers you ‘tracks’ allowing you quickly view routes taken day to day or at any time frame within the last 12 months. Each route is split up in the sidebar using a different colour for each track. You can add various events to the view such as speeding, parking, initial start and stop points. Each track can be replayed showing the street via Google street view.

Arrows indicating direction of travel
Check tracks made from minutes to months
Stop & Parking locations indicated on the map
Easily view individual or multiple routes with colour coded tracks
A daily trip view provided with your vehicle tracking.

Top Tip:

Hovering over an event such as speeding on the map will show a tip box with the actual road speed, how much it was exceeded by and the duration of the violation.

Speeding prompt shown from the vehicle tracking provided by navmii tracker.

Vehicle Tracking in your pocket

Keep up to date with your vehicles in real time when you are away from the desktop. Not only can you check the location but it's a great tool to receive instant notifications, from speeding, idling and geofence entering. Along with geofence creation all vehicle reports are quickly accessible via the app allowing you to quickly check or send an excel file. The applications are available to download from both the app store and playstore and are included within your subscription.

Monitor all vehicles with their current status
15 Second location update frequency
Location’s shown in real time on Google Maps
12 month device and vehicle history
All vehicle reports accessible from any device
Analyse all trips for all your vehicles
Home mobile view of your vehicle that have navmii tracker installed.
Route overview on mobile after a trip is done when the vehicle tracker is installed.

How Navmii Tracker can benefit you

Easy installation

Follow the 4 simple steps below to have your Navmii Tracker up and running in less than 10 minutes.
1. Setup your account

Setup your account by following the steps provided within your "Welcome to Navmii Tracker" email.

2. Plug in the device

Plug in your device once you have located your OBD port.

3. Configuration

After your first drive the device will automatically configure and will be live in 30 minutes.

4. Anytime, anywhere!

You are all set! You can download Navmii Tracker on any Android or iOS device to monitor your vehicle 365 days a year.

Navmii Tracker Apps are available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

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