Blu - Eco friendly dry cleaner

The Challenge

Varsha owns and operates a commercial dry cleaner servicing 30 hotels in the South East, the core business relies on her team and vehicle fleet collecting orders, processing them within 2 hours for a same day delivery.

Varsha knew that installing a comprehensive fleet management solution would save her time and money. Allowing her to grow the business, increase efficiency and staff productivity all in one go!

The main challenges Varsha faced and wanted a fleet management solution to solve were:
Traffic & Bottlenecks
Driver Productivity
Driver Behaviour
Customer’s expectation management
Disgruntled guests
Late or Damaged orders

How Navmii rectified it

Traffic & Bottlenecks

All delivery fleets suffer from traffic incidents, road closures/maintenance and inherent traffic hotspots. Varsha wanted a birds eye view to see where her fleet was at all times and identify these areas that caused significant delay to deliveries and increased wage costs.

Navmii Tracker solved this through specific report generation and route playback. By being able to see when, where and how long vehicles were travelling allowed Varsha to identify these key areas within a matter of minutes. With this data in hand route planning was altered to avoid these hotspots resulting in increased productivity from her team and reduced fuel bills from traffic idling.

Driver Productivity

For Varsha deliveries should take less than 10 minutes for each stop, however it was clear to her that the team were spending far longer at certain locations.

Navmii Tracker allowed Varsha to install geofences around each of her customers, she was able to monitor entries and exits for each delivery. Over time said data was extracted to identify which customers for taking longer than average for deliveries.

Varsha frequently visits her customers to review the service and customers internal processes were changed in order to ensure a swifter delivery. The increased productivity and efficiency allowed Varsha to take on new business.

Driver Behaviour

Maintaining a large fleet is not cheap and with increasing maintenance and fuel bills Varsha wanted to be able to see how her workhorses were being treated by her team. She was aware that Navmii Tracker had the capabilities for this and provide a mechanism to score her team based on harsh driving events.

Navmii Tracker has a number of elements that can be used independently or together to analyse how vehicles are being driven. A few examples are excessive idling, harsh acceleration and sharp turning. These components allow fleet managers to score drivers on their driving and present this information to them in order to aid safer more efficient driving all whilst reducing fuel expenditure, servicing, tyres, brakes, etc…

Customer’s Expectation Management

As always customers want things now if not yesterday for Varsha managing the expectations of her customers was not easy. With constant phone calls asking where the delivery was, which resulted in Varsha calling the driver to find their location then planning their route to see the ETA for the said delivery and in turn feeding this back to customers in order to manage their expectations.

Navmii Tracker shows customers real time updates both on mobile and the web. Having this information directly to hand allowed Varsha to notify her customers whilst on the phone to them. Her customers typically had the hotel guest standing in front of her in the hotel lobby so being able to provide them with an answer in under a minute was great addition to Varsha's SLA for future business.
“By installing Navmii's easy to use tracker, my business has transformed and I can now focus on it's growth and after many years I can keep a closer eye on my fleet and team.”
Varsha Shah, Owner, Blu - Eco Friendly Dry Cleaner

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