May 14, 2024

Navmii Tracker Updates for Desktop

Monitoring system

We’ve redesigned the work list of units and unit groups on the Monitoring tab to enhance the overall user experience, making it smoother and more intuitive. Besides, we refreshed the visual styles of the work list elements, fine-tuned the padding for certain elements, and adjusted the way unit group names are displayed.

Improved user interface for the Locator dialog

We made several significant changes to enhance the user interface of the Locator dialog, aiming to provide a smoother experience while working with the tool. We optimized the utilisation of space within the dialog window and improved the display of unit link names and descriptions, making them more readable.

New 10-point system for rating the quality of driving

We replaced the 6-point rating system used in the Eco driving reports with a more user-friendly 10-point system. The underlying mathematical formula for converting penalty points into scores remained unchanged.

Enhanced search on the Notifications tab

We added the capability to filter the results based on multiple criteria simultaneously. Allowing you to fine-tune the search parameters and quickly find the necessary notifications.

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