September 28, 2022

How using Navmii Tracker can protect your teen driver.

We all know how it is once you pass your driving test everything is nerve-racking to begin with but, once the first few weeks pass and confidence is gained, you can start to become a tad reckless or overconfident. This can potentially lead to everything from minor speeding offenses to major incidents, which could be fatal (God forbid). To give parents peace of mind, Navmii Tracker can be the perfect aid for this.

With the small, compact design and easy connection, Navmii Tracker is up and running within a few minutes. Straight out of the box, your vehicle tracker will alert you when a speeding violation occurs, harsh acceleration and hard corning. With our eco-driving feature you can deep dive into the driving behaviour of the new driver.

Being able to monitor the new driver’s behaviour helps to further develop their initial driving skills, as well as ensuring they are not damaging the vehicle through inappropriate use. Navmii Tracker also provides a higher level of security for the vehicle itself with the use of geofences and tampering alerts when the tracker is removed.

Navmii Tracker comes with both a web and mobile application with access being given to both you and the new driver, so all the information is transparent for both you and the newly passed driver.

If you would like more information, please give our support team a holla at of our team members will happily explain the added benefits you can receive from using Navmii Tracker.

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