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Drive efficiency forward with the most advance fleet management software & hardware available on the market

Track your assets, increase driver productivity, save money, save time and inspire safer more efficient driving. All available with Navmii Tracker.
View all your vehicles and drivers in one place
Google maps, satellite and street view
Poor driving alerts
Maintenance Reminders
Fuel use efficiency
Desktop and mobile app based
Desktop, mobile and notification view for navmii tracker

Track your vehicles & start saving like a Pro

Navmii Tracker is the most exclusive & customisable tracking system available in the UK

Real-Time Tracking

Watch and track your vehicles on the move, replay routes and investigate incidents. Stay on top of your fleet from any device at any time.

Fast & Reliable Updates

Using the latest in hardware and innovation. Updates come through as frequently as you like.

Instant Alerts

Keep a closer eye on fleet security, driver safety and track your assets. From unauthorised vehicle use and maintenance reminders.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

Customisable reports allow you to look back and see performance by driver and department keeping fuel costs down.

Driver Behaviour

Ensure drivers are adhering to speed limits and are driving safely at all times. Create custom alerts for both you and your drivers.

Eco Driving

Analyse how efficiently your fleet is driving. Scores are provided to help drivers improve their driving helping lower vehicle maintenance.

Don’t Just take our word for it

Navmii Tracker will help you solve the issues you have identified within your fleet and drivers. Our team is on hand to work with you to push your business forward and look at all the areas to increase productivity and efficiency. With free ongoing support we want you to know your business is in safe hands.

Varsha – Blu Dry Cleaners

"By installing Navmii's easy to use tracker, my business has transformed. Now I now focus on its growth and after many years I can keep a closer eye on my fleet and team."

Varsha Shah, London

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Dave - Taxi Point

"Running a taxi firm has its challenges, but by far the hardest part was keeping on top of unpaid jobs. Navmii showed me how to manage my team and their vehicles to ensure I was receiving the right funds for the right journeys. You can easily create and view reports allowing me to easily check time, distance and location in a matter of minutes."

Dave Smith, Essex

Rhys - Design & Build

"Fitting out my fleet of vans with Navmii's Trackers allowed me to keep an eye on my team, understanding which jobs they were on and for how long. Tool and van theft is extremely common, knowing I would be alerted when a theft or unauthorised removal was taking place provided peace of mind that all my assets were safe and where they should be at all times."

Rhys Johnson, Southampton

Joses case studdy image

Keyless Entry Car Theft

"Most new cars have a keyless entry system, which can be unlocked remotely. I wanted peace of mind and installed a Navmii Tracker within a matter of minutes, I now receive a number of notifications on my phone reassuring me that my car is always where it should be"

Jose - Birmingham
Dawn From Croydon case study

Fuel Saving & Efficiency

"The pandemic has put immense financial pressure on the business and after speaking to the team at Navmii Tracker they showed me a number of ways to improve efficiency in my fleet. I can quickly identify traffic bottlenecks and teach my team how to drive more efficiently"

Dawn -  Croydon

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